About us

Our History

 Huichi Industrial Development Co., Ltd is a company business in smart glass lamination , EVA film and PDLC film production for laminated glass founded in 2007. Located in Guangzhou city, China. 
 Principle: Survive in quality, develop in prestige. Our product with good quality and nice price enjoy a good reputation in domestic and abroad market.
 Branch-Guangzhou T-PHONTON technical company: a leading PDLC film (smart switchable glass) Manufacturer based in China since 2010. 
 We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in SGS TEST, CE certificate, ISO9001, Chinese 3C quality certificate.
 We do believe that we can supply the qualified product for you with our well experienced and we do hope that we can be a partner of your company.

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Our Factory
   With over 2000sqm factory and 3 EVA production lines and 2 PDLC film and smart glass production lines, After more than 10 years of technical test and experiment development, so far the company has a number of senior engineers and industry experts. Which formed Huichi company technical elite team, and has introduced the world most advanced and professional film production equipment.

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1. Product warranty

Glass products provide 2 years of warranty, film products provide 1 years of warranty, from the time when the customer receives the product. During the period, our company will give the maintenance service free of charge and give the replacement when necessary.

(special declaration: the warranty is limited to the internal interlayer and special power supply of the dimming glass, and the exterior of the glass is broken, not within the scope of the warranty.)


Two. After sale service

1. Customer service phone: 0086-20-36474679(Chinese);0086-20-36499996(English).

2. Our after-sales service personnel in the report, will be in the shortest time to arrange home service.

3. If it is a product quality problem, and during the warranty period, we will provide free maintenance to ensure your safe use. If the product exceeds the warranty period, we also provide door-to-door service, which only charges for maintenance cost.

4. If the product damage due to violation of safety use or daily maintenance matters and the effect of artificial and irresistible external force is not within the warranty scope of the product, we will be responsible for paid maintenance or replacement.

5. If you want to understand the use of products, maintenance and other related issues, or have reasonable suggestions and opinions, you can leave a message on our website or online consultation.

6. In order to allow you to use our products safely, we will carry out an irregular customer follow-up visit, and invite you to cooperate and support.