Answering 7 Top FAQs About Smart Switchable Glass

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  While switchable glass is still a relatively recent development, it has seen an incredible rise in popularity in the last five years. Residential and commercial buyers alike tend to have quite a few questions about our switchable glass products, the technologies and how they work. We’ve a compiled a quick guide to answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about switchable electric glass.

  1. What applications can switchable smart glass lend itself to?
  Switchable glass can be used to enhance a range of projects, both interior and exterior. Common uses include architectural windows, skylights, doors or interior partitions.
  However, it can also be used for vision panels and projection screens in forward-thinking offices, or in eye-catching advertising displays such as point of purchase displays and billboards.. Moreover, it can also be used in the automotive, rail, marine and aircraft industries.
  2.How is switchable glass cleaned?
  Switchable electric glass can cleaned much in the same way as normal glass, with a slightly damp cloth and standard cleaning products. However, there are a few simple things to consider. For one, the glass should be in the off state, and excess water should not be used.
  If the glass does get too wet, wipe off all excess water before turning it back on. Also, just like normal glass, the surface can be scratched by abrasive products and so care must be taken.
  3.Can the glass be provided in different colours?
  We currently provide Privacy Smart Glass in a range of coloured tints, such as green, grey, blue and bronze, to complement a variety of projects. However, Solar Smart Glass always comes in a dark tint, which cannot currently be altered.
  4.Does switchable glass come with a warranty?
  While issues are unlikely, Smartglass International provides a 5 year warranty with each product. The five year warranty covers glass function and there is a two year warranty on all electrical ancillaries.
  5.How long does it take for the glass to change state?
  To ensure privacy is instant, our PDLC Smartglass, commonly known as Privacy Smartglass, takes only a fraction of a second to change from translucent to opaque and back again. SPD Smartglass, otherwise known as Solar Smartglass, takes slightly longer and darkens fully within 10 seconds.
  6.How much does switchable electric glass cost?
  The pricing of switchable glass depends on a range of factors, which are rarely the same for two different projects. Each build needs a different glass and technological composition, as well as unique sizing, which means details of your plan will need to be submitted before an accurate quote can be given.
  7.How is the glass controlled?
  For your convenience, switchable glass has a range of control options, both manual and automatic. The light transmission can be changed by any common control device, including a wall switch, a remote control, photocell or motion detectors.
  Furthermore, simple control switches can be used to simultaneously regulate the light transmission of a group of electric glass panels, such as a wall of architectural windows.

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